WeLab’s vision is to bring joy to everyone’s financial journey. We’re scaling rapidly and looking for ambitious and inquisitive professionals – who care about bots, building big data scorecards, incubating crazy product and growth marketing ideas and redefining financial services for the future – to make our vision come true.

Our Culture

Wonder what it’s like to be part of a group redefining financial services and challenging the status quo?

We put together a culture book because just knowing and reciting our values at WeLab is not enough. We demonstrate our values through very specific behaviors every day and we want to be explicit about these behaviors, to the point that they become part of our everyday vocabulary and actions. We don’t want this guide to stay within the confines of our office so we are sharing it with everyone – for all the curious souls out there who want to take a peek at how we do things at WeLab.

Read and download our culture book

We live and breathe our values every day like oxygen. Our values shape our approach to everything we do and are represented in every part of our business. Most importantly, they are embodied in our people.

We are intellectually curious and have a strong growth mindset. We are always looking for ways to grow ourselves and the company. We don’t look for incremental improvement, but exponential. We rather shoot for the moon and land somewhere in outer space than stay comfortably grounded on earth.
Team Player
We prioritize the success of the team over personal success. Teamwork is everyone’s responsibility and we understand that we each have a part to play in whether our team succeeds or not. The more collaborative we are, the more likely we are to overcome challenges and achieve our ambitious goals. We are open-minded, willing to listen and always eager to help. Most importantly, we care about our colleagues personally and professionally.
We are resourceful problem solvers with a bias to action. We always know the end objective and what success looks like. We all move toward the same goal with single-minded focus.
We are creative and comfortable with ambiguity. We are dedicated to creating solutions that don’t exist yet. We are resourceful and can always find new ways to solve a problem.
We never, never, NEVER give up. We don’t mind getting rejected and can bounce back from adversity. We are positive in the face of challenges and crisis, and understand that failure is necessary to the path of success.
Our People
"Data crunching is very repetitive in nature, however, there is a rule at WeLab: if you end up repeating the same task more than twice, find a way to automate it!"
Product and Business Development
Product & Growth
Legal & Compliance
"I love that I get to learn from the best talent in the industry and there is always opportunity for us to try something new."
"I would say my love for WeLab was love at first sight. The office and the people sealed the deal and changed my mind."
Life @ WeLab

We want our people to live their best life. This means providing holistic benefits to make life better in and outside the office.

Life @ WeLab

We want our people to live their best life. This means providing holistic benefits to make life better in and outside the office.

Personal & professional development

We invest in your future and encourage you to never stop learning. We give you the freedom to tackle new projects or take on tasks outside of your core day-to-day responsibilities. In addition, we provide a learning stipend so you can join seminars, attend conferences and enrol in courses of your choice to further your professional development.

Furthermore, as a flat and agile organization, everyone at WeLab is empowered to be a leader. We value every opinion and believe every single person, no matter your age, title or years of experience, has the power to make an impact. We provide the tools and give you the room to make the most of the many opportunities that will come your way.

Sharing is caring

Everyone at WeLab is both a student and a teacher. Through stand-ups, lunch-and-learns and town halls, we share across all departments so no one is ever left in the dark. Whether it is the latest market trends, disruptive technology, product demos, testing results or just a good book, we encourage everyone to share because it kindles our intellectual curiosity and promotes transparency.

We’re there for each other

We believe having a strong support network at work is crucial for everyone’s wellbeing. We do morning yoga together at the office, skateboard at the park after work and host weekly afternoon tea, giving you endless opportunities to bond with the WeLab family outside of meeting rooms.

We invest in your happiness

We want people to live their best lives at WeLab, in and out of the office. We provide each employee with Happiness Dollars monthly to spend on anything from entertainment to health & wellness to leisure & special interests. We want to be part of what makes our people happy.

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